Finding a new partner isn’t always easy, might it be for love or even something more casual. Sure there are a lot of dating websites available out there; with plenty of singles looking around for companionship, but you still need to be interested in those people. What if you keep tuning people down because they don’t suit your tastes? It’s understandable that you have your own standards, but could it be that you are a bit of a fussy dater?

How often do you put people down?

The first thing to look at is whether or not you have the tendency to say no to a lot of people who are interested in you. Let’s say you’re using a dating website, and a few ladies (or dudes) have been writing to you. Do you respond to them beyond looking at their photo or do you just decide right there not to contact them at all? The truth is that even if you are not interested, sending a little message back to them is still the polite thing to do. After all, it is better for them to find out rather than being left in the dark.

Physical reasons

How important are looks to you. For some people, looks are everything. That is not just the case during traditional dating but also during sex dating, with a lot of people choosing partners based on their looks almost exclusively. However you ought to know that looks aren’t everything. People’s character and their ability to make you have a good time are also important too. Especially with adult dating, you never know what a person is capable of doing in the bedroom department solely based on their looksso try this site Sex With No Strings to have local sex. The truth is you are probably missing out on some good times, so give people a chance beyond their obvious looks; you might find that you can have some fun!

Social class

Another source of fussiness comes from people class and economical background. Some people will not date people that are poorer than them or that don’t meet their high social standards. With traditional dating, this is almost understandable, as most people are looking for a relationship to build a solid foundation for their future. Basically people want to marry a ‘winner’, not a ‘looser’. But the reality you might be missing out on is that a lot of people will rise above their own social class when it comes to making a family. There are good and hard-working people everywhere, not just in the higher social echelons.

Not perfect

The media has been pushing this image of the ‘perfect couple’ to us for years now, and some of us might be stuck thinking that is how they have to be. The high earning male coupled with the power woman, all set to become successful and take over the world. But most people are not like that, in fact most couples are pretty simple people that just want an honest life, making ends meet for their children. Bottom line is this: if you are so obsessed with perfection, you will miss out on some nice people, and you might actually end up living alone because no-one can reach out to your high standards. Our advice is: tone it down a bit, life is made for enjoying the present time, and you don’t want to end up alone regretting that you weren’t more open to other people.