No girl can resist the uniform, that’s for sure. There are just those who admit this and those who are trying to hide the love. If you’re one of those girls who simply can’t resist them and you’d like to date a soldier, you need to put yourself out there. You need to work a little to be noticed.

Army men are not available behind every corner, right? They are working inside their bases which are sealed and impossible to get in. After all, it’s the US Army, no one can breach its defenses. If you want to get inside the heart of a soldier, you’ll need to use another way. Something that will make you present in their barracks, but still stay home where it’s safe.

Did you assume where we’re going with this? You need to get online and try to find a match with a soldier who is also online. However, as hard it is to find one on the streets, the same it is to find them on the internet. With billions of pages and millions of users on different social networks, you’ll be lost without finding anyone like a lost sailor in the Pacific looking for land.

What do I need to do?

The first thing you need to do is understand where Marines and Army men look for love on the internet. They don’t like paying for the company just like you don’t like paying to find your true love. If you have to pay for this it means it’s not true.

The pages where you can find army men are free. They are called dating sites that are specially made for the uses of the soldiers. Of course, not all of them are free, but there’s a strong base of pages that offer their services without paying anything. You simply register or log in with some of your social networks’ accounts and you’re ready to browse the database filled with army men. Impressive, huh?

The only problem here is, there’s a bunch of sites all claiming to be the best. How will you know which one is the best if they all say they are the best? The answer is in this article – There, you can read about some of the best sites and what their features are. There’s no obligation to log in on just one of them. You can try every single one, but in time, you’ll realize that you are fonder of some, unlike some others. In the end, you’ll only be present on just one that you find the most appropriate for you.

How to attract the best person?

The most important issue in this thing is lying. People tend to lie on the internet to create a better picture of themselves. What happens next is they meet a person and it turns out it’s not the same as it was seen online.

That’s why you need to create a profile on the network that will show you in the true light. Don’t use Photoshop tricks to make yourself a smaller nose or make your skin look like its perfect. You want the man that will like you to like you for your true self.

Upload a picture where you feel beautiful. This will give you confidence but it will still be you and everyone that will like you on it, won’t be disappointed when they meet you in person.

Then, make sure you write all your positive sides and a few negative so that everyone can see them. Explain about your likes and dislikes in a man and in general. Write about your education, skills, and abilities. This way you’ll attract the right person.

You might find someone you like, but if you don’t mention that you’re an atheist and the person you like only accepts marrying a Christian girl, it will turn out after some time that you wasted precious time for both of you. It’s good to state your opinions and beliefs right up front so there’s no confusion later.

What to avoid?

You’ll notice that on these sites there are lots of people who are there just to spend some time without the intention to date anyone. You need to learn how to avoid these people.

The page MilitaryFriends, for example, has a forum. It is a place where people share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on different subjects. People spending more time there sharing their experiences are usually the more serious ones.

So, if you see someone talking a lot in the forum topics connected with gardening and you just love flowers and gardens, you can connect based on this. You’ll have a lot in common to talk about and even if they don’t look for true love at the moment, the love flowers will connect you.

On the other hand, the prettiest man on the network who is just telling jokes and talks about things you find repulsive, shouldn’t be on your list of interests. He might be a pretty guy, but being serious and mature is a lot more important than being a show-off. Look at this article for more on relationships.


It shouldn’t be too hard finding the perfect match for you after everything written above. You now have a list of places where you should log in and start searching for army man and you have a guide about what you should and what you shouldn’t do in order to find the best match.

All this for free and without even leaving your home. Even if you leave your home, most of the websites now offer free apps too. This way you can see what’s happening at all times and get notifications about your suitors. You can answer to request right away no matter where you are.

Dating military men have never been easier. All you have to do is decide that you want to do it and that’s it. The rest will come to you. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.