September 20, 2020


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The Etiquette Required For Strip Club Attendance

If you and the boys (or girls) are headed out for a wild night on the town, the idea of hitting up a gentleman’s club in Denver may enter the conversation. If the mood is right and the company is feeling up to it, you may just find yourself amidst the neon lights, subwoofers and beautiful individuals that make up these establishments. But if this is your first time, you may be feeling a bit uneasy about how one is to present themselves in such an environment. As with most situations, it may take some time to become comfortable with your surroundings, however, if you’re looking for a little cheat sheet, you’re in luck… In this article, we will provide you with a few basic etiquette tips to get you through the evening.

Tip 1 – If you’re headed out in a group, the dancers will be likely drawn to the most aggressive and confident individual in the bunch. If you’re looking to get some extra attention, try sitting yourself on the outside of the group or dead center. Chances are you will be approached first and more often.

Tip 2 – There’s nothing worse than snooty clientele. If you are approached by a dancer whom you are uninterested in, remind yourself that strippers are people too! A rejection is never a fun situation; If you are truly uninterested, politely smile and inform your dancer that you are just taking it easy for the time being. She will appreciate your honesty and be able to move on to the next patron undeterred. If you’ve ever worked in a customer service setting, then you know what a pain a rude customer can be. Simply put; be respectful.

Tip 3 – Keep in mind that a strip club is a business, just like any other. The majority of the dancers who will approach you for a dance will likely only stay the length of one full song. In order to get the most bang for your buck, try tipping your dancer at the beginning of the second song and see if they will stick around a little longer. However, once the second song has ended, your dancer will most likely move on unless paid for additional time.

Tip 4 – Dress well, but avoid being flashy in a strip club. Remember that the dancers are there to make a living, and most will tend to look at status symbols such as expensive jewelry or watches as a way to obtain the most cash. Unless this is your goal for the evening, leave the fancy watch at home and settle for a nice button down shirt. Those who aren’t careful will be headed to the ATM before they know it. Try setting a budget for yourself, including drinks, and stick to it. While the environment certainly makes it easy to part ways with your money, rest assured that you’ll be thanking yourself in the morning.

And of course, the most important tip is to enjoy yourself. Be yourself and let your inhibitions go.