September 20, 2020


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What’s Your Bedroom Fantasy? Americans are Getting Kinkier in the Bedroom

America’s bedroom romps are getting wilder. Couples are willing — and even eager — to experiment on the kinkier aspects of sex. There may be slight differences between men and women’s fantasies, but they do share an interest in a few activities.

  1. Bondage and S&M

Whips, chains, leather corsets, and even male chastity devices — Fifty Shades of Grey wouldn’t have been such a hit if Americans didn’t have a hidden desire for a little roughness in the bedroom. America’s love for bedroom bondage has a long history, as even comedy shows in the 80s have been making handcuff jokes during primetime. Bondage and S&M powerplays are fine, as long as you keep it Fifty Shades and not Marquis de Sade.

  1. Roleplay

A little bit of roleplay can spice up the sex. Couples even take it to the point of dressing up for their parts to make things a little more realistic. From strippers to sexy secretaries, roleplay can fire up and unleash those hidden desires. You can watch each other flirting with people in a bar before hooking up and shagging the night away.

  1. Sex Toys

The use of sex toys have become quite popular, but using them to enhance the sexual experience is a fairly new idea. Sex toys used to be a deep dark secret, only to be used to pleasure ones’ self.

Now, couples are bringing sex toys to the bedroom to raise the sexual energy and stimulating pleasure to whole new levels. Online shopping has also made the purchase of these toys a little bit easier and a lot more discreet. No need to look a cashier in the eye and even reveal your name through your credit card when a click of the mouse can do.

  1. Anal

A lot of couples have incorporated anal sex into their bedroom trysts, and many women are surprised at how pleasurable it can be. In a report by the National Survey of Sex and Behavior, women claimed to have orgasms 90% of the time during anal sex — higher than the 60% during vaginal intercourse, and the 80% during oral sex.

The fear of pain and the hygiene of it all often make women hesitant to try anal, but after the first experience, the succeeding ones are usually even more pleasurable. Just make sure to go slowly or lube up for a smoother entry.

  1. Sex Away from the Bedroom

Sex in strange places has always been an ever-present American kink. Though not everyone aspires to be part of the mile-high club (and airlines have become stricter nowadays) — having sex in a car, on a lake, or some other location away from the bedroom is a fantasy shared by both men and women. Of course, there is a risk of being seen or getting caught, but that adds to the excitement of the act.

Are you kinky? Do you prefer to keep things simple or the wilder, the better? Just make sure your partner is on board, and the two of you can explore how deep your desires go.